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Lightup Nigeria is gaining momentum. Young Nigerians are tweeting away on Twitter with the hashtag #lightupnigeria.  You can follow the twitter stats on #lightupnigeria  here. Meetings are being organised to discuss further on how to consolidate strategies.

Global Voices Online and Global Dashboard are spreading the word as are several blogs – Nigerians Talk, Riranwo.

Elites TV has also caught the bug.

There is also an official LOGO.

lightup nigeria logo

lightup nigeria logo


LightUp Nigeria!

Simply put, the electricity supply situation in Nigeria is deplorable. In most parts of the country, darkness pervades and generators have taken over as the source of power.

But to explain or fathom the reasons why it is so complex. From the cartels who import generators, the contractors who fail to complete power projects, citizens who vandalize power lines and installations, languid attitude of government up to the manufacturers of the generators (in developed countries); all these have a vested interest in the continued failure of power
provision in Nigeria.

Is the efficient and effective provision of electricity in Nigeria rocket science?

Nigerians, young and old, have decided to stand up to what is possibly the biggest embarrassment to the nation (okay, maybe second to corruption and scams) and start up a revolution to bring to the notice of the Federal Government that ENOUGH’S ENOUGH!

The revolution has started online via various media:

Twitter has been buzzing furiously with #lightupnigeria tweet

People have been encouraged to make videos and post on YouTube as eLDee has done

Bloggers are encouraged to also blog with the key word being LIGHTUPNIGERIA

So let’s join this revolution, new media style – please LIGHTUPNIGERIA!

Let's LightupNigeria!

Let's LightupNigeria!